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Does Simple Mobile Use Verizon Towers [Expert Answers]

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    Updated on December 13, 2022
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    Verizon Wireless operates cell towers that can help provide a strong signal to your mobile device. If you are in an area where there are multiple cell towers, the mobile device will try to connect to the tower that has the strongest signal. If you are using a mobile device that is compatible with Verizon Wireless, then your device will automatically use the best tower for your location.


    Verizon is a phone service provider. The company has towers all over the United States. These towers help make mobile phone service possible for people in different parts of the country.

    if your phone says no service there are a few things you can do to try to get service

    What Cell Towers Does Simple Mobile Use

    Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile’s wireless network to provide service. The coverage of Simple Mobile will work well in metro areas or major cities, but it may not work well in less populated areas. The network is reliable, and the prices are very reasonable. If you want a cheap unlimited data plan with good coverage, Simple Mobile is a good option.

    straight talk is a subsidiary of tracfone

    Does Simple Mobile Run on Verizon Towers

    Simple Mobile runs on the T-Mobile network, so you’ll have access to the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage, and 5G where it’s available.

    that means it doesn t actually own and operate cell towers of its own 1

    Why Does My Simple Mobile Say No Service

    If your phone says “No Service,” there are a few things you can do to try to get service. You can try moving closer to a window or the perimeter of the building, or try going outside. If you are still having trouble, you can try calling your carrier or checking your phone’s manual to see if there are any other steps you can take.

    What Company Is Simple Mobile

    Simple Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO. That means it doesn’t actually own and operate cell towers of its own. TracFone Wireless (the same company that operates fellow discount carriers Page Plus and Straight Talk among others), however, contracts with carriers to provide service on their networks. So, Simple Mobile users can essentially use any carrier’s phone, text, and data plan, with the only restriction being that they may not use voice services on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

    MVNOs have a number of advantages over traditional carriers. For one, they can offer lower rates because they don’t have to pay rent for space in a tower, as well as their own staff of customer service representatives. Additionally, MVNOs can tailor their service to better meet the needs of their target market, as opposed to relying on the general policies and standards of the larger carriers.

    While Simple Mobile has seen some success, it faces competition from a number of larger carriers. TracFone Wireless currently has the most subscribers of any MVNO, and the company is expected to continue to grow as more people switch to mobile virtual networks.

    Is Straight Talk Now Simple Mobile

    Straight Talk is a subsidiary of TracFone. This means that they are both under the same umbrella. This means that the customer service is likely to be the same. However, the phone plans and features may be different.


    In conclusion, it is important to know that mobile devices will automatically use the best tower for your location, so you don’t have to worry about signal strength. If you are using a mobile device that is not compatible with Verizon Wireless, you can try connecting to a different tower to see if that will help improve your signal.

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